For Air Duct Cleaning and Decontamination:

Please contact Damian of Happy Duct Cleaning
This service also includes Return/Intake vacuuming and air supply vent Vacuuming.
Dryer Vent Cleaning is also provided by Happy Duct Cleaning.

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John disinfects the vents with natural essential oils, which kills the mold in the ducts. He was professional, courteous, and effective. I’m very happy with my service and would recommend everyone to disinfect their ducts naturally like this and maintain a healthy home environment.


John showed up on time and got right to work cleaning up the ductwork in my house with his all natural system. No more awful smell when I turn on the air conditioner! The air circulating through the house feels fresh and clean now 🙂 Great job!


John did a very thorough cleaning of my AC ducts and vents with an all natural essential oil–no chemicals! He was very professional and did not leave a mess after his work as many others have a tendency to do. I would recommend John and his services!


Fast service! Breathe easier in my house. Don’t wake up with stuffy nose. Not expensive. John is very knowledgeable.


I hired John at Champion Duct Cleaning to sanitize my air ducts.  He administered the treatment while I was home since he uses an Essential Oil that is non-toxic to clean and sanitize the vents. The next morning when I woke up I did not have my ordinary multiple sneezing symptoms and I feel so much better.


Fantastic service. Mr. Reed and co. were friendly, professional, and helpful. They also got the job done quickly. Highly recommend this service and if I ever need duct cleanings or something similar in the Pinellas area, I will certainly use Champion Duct Cleaning.


When I found out about Champion’s natural approach to duct sanitization, I was intrigued and eager to try it. John was on time, professional and thorough, and I am quite pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend Champion Duct Cleaning!


John came the same day I called, and the house smells very clean!


This worked really fast and was so easy – I was surprised.   My allergies relieved almost immediately and I have been able to be in my home and be comfortable again.  Thank you John – this was really needed.  I would highly recommend this company!


John Reed was great to work with. Showed up on time, and was very responsive to everything we told him we needed done. We highly recommend him.


Champion cleaned out my A/C ducts using thyme oil that smelled terrific: really fresh. The service rep made sure I knew how to maintain the system and filter the air better for the future, too. Good service, and goodbye to the mildewy smell of Florida summer!


Truly Green and Eco-Friendly Air Duct Cleaning

A/C Duct Sanitizing Using Truly Green, Eco-friendly and Non-toxic Essential Oils

Our goal is to decontaminate your air duct system so you can breathe the freshest, cleanest air possible through your AC duct system.

We offer a Truly Green, Eco-friendly and non-toxic, plant-based formula that is approved by the EPA. The EPA requires no PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for its application. Other companies may say their sanitizing solution is Green and non-toxic, but check the labels – many sanitizing products do contain some green elements, but also contain either Chlorine, Ammonium Chloride, Chlorine Dioxide, or Bleach. These chemicals leave toxic residues and require respirators to apply as they are harmful to breathe.

The service is performed by an OSHA Mold Certified and Insured Duct Cleaning professional and Licensed Home Inspector.

HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved
Before & After Duct Cleaning

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